Nature’s Marvellous Adventures

Paperback, 56 pages, 210mm*210mm, Age group: 6+, Suitable for dyslexic readers.


The book contains three stories: Mother Knows Best’, ‘A Salmon’s Tale’, and ‘The Bird with the Big Beak’. It also includes a short fact-file about Harbour Seals, Atlantic Salmon, and Curlews.


Mother Knows Best’: Mother seals are only with their pups for a few short weeks and must teach them to fish if they are to survive on their own. Celina is doing her best, but Samuel isn’t listening. Samuel is too distracted by the bull seals who chase the biggest and fastest fish. Can Celina teach him to fish before time runs out?


‘A Salmon’s Tale’: Not every salmon leaves the safety of their river, but Simon longed for adventure, and dreamed about swimming across the broad Atlantic Ocean. Far from home, he meets all manner of sea creature, and explores every nook, cranny, and shipwreck of the ocean. But then he remembers the promise he made to Sally…


‘The Bird with the Big Beak’: Kirsty had just caught her third juicy lugworm in a row, when she noticed all the other birds in the estuary staring at her. Curlew’s are renowned for the size of their beak, but that was no reason for everyone else to stare. Kirsty was beginning to feel a little self-conscious, but then she realised something…

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