Nature’s Secret Adventures

Paperback, 56 pages, 210mm*210mm, Age group: 6+, Suitable for dyslexic readers.


The book contains three stories: The Amazing Tale of Sheridan, Orla’s Big Day, and The Fairy’s Foxtrot. It also includes a short fact-file about pygmy shrews, otters, and mayflies.


The Amazing Tale of Sheridan: Sheridan is an ordinary little pygmy shrew, living in an ordinary little garden, and minding his own business. Then one day, danger arrives in the form of a big tom cat called Terry. Find out what happens when Terry threatens Cheryl, the pygmy shrew of Sheridan’s dreams!


Orla’s Big Day: It’s Orla’s first day at school and she’s very nervous. However, Orla’s nerves quickly disappear when she meets the other little creatures in her class. There’s Milly, the little duckling, Simon, the young salmon, and a dozen tiny tadpoles, who all have very big dreams. Find out what they would like to be when they grow up!


The Fairy’s Foxtrot: Discover the oldest legend in the world. It’s about two little mayflies called Mervin and Maria, who live at the bottom of a river bed. Then one day, they get an uncontrollable urge to swim to the surface, where they discover a whole new world. But in the confusion, they become separated. Will they find each other again at the Fairy’s Foxtrot?

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